Concrete Lintels

Manufacturing and supplies a concrete lintels of the highest quality

  • Fair Faced
  • Fire Specification
  • High Strength
  • Economy
  • Bespoke Solutions

Together with any other concrete product which can be produced.  This has resulted in an excellent specialist service, which enables us to make anything in concrete to order.  If you have a concrete product requirement – we have the solution.


Ultra-Fire is a range of prestressed concrete lintels that can offer 90 minutes fire rating on a 100mm wide prestressed concrete Lintel and 240 minutes fire protection on 140mm and 215mm wide prestressed concrete Lintels.

We are very proud to have developed a lintel that can comply with BS8110 and solve many problems for architects and engineers alike.

Fair Faced

A range of lintels with the same performance and fire rating as the standard Hi-Spec range but with a smooth, consistent colour finish.

Finish – Type C Fair Faced finish.  All corners and arrises and faces on the lintel are perfect.


The Hi-Spec range or high strength range is the backbone of the company and the construction industry.  The Hi-Spec lintel is one of the most specified lintel ranges in the country.  The method of manufacture gives a high performance pre-stressed concrete unit designed for use in plastered situations.

This range can also be used as ground beams being able to be used directly off pad foundations saving you time and money and if used in conjunction with our steel lintel can comply with part E:2002 and Par L:2002 to solve thermal bridging and acoustic problems. All units are pre-stressed to ensure optimum performance and come with 30 minutes fire rating as standard.

Finish – ex-steel mould.  Possibility of air holes, small amounts of aggregates on the surface and seepage of concrete fines to the bottom arises.

All Hi-Spec concrete lintels are available in short lengths for use as high compression padstones.  Lintels are available in standard lengths from 600mm to 360mm long.


The fire specification range is another one of our Hi-Spec units but with the added benefit of increased fire protection. Anything from a standard stock item to 2 hours and a 7-day specials service is available with up to 4 hours fire protection.

Specials Range

The Specials Range is a contractor’s answer to casting items on-site.  We can cast any lintel or concrete product so you get consistent quality and reduce all the risk associated with on-site casting.  This range is not only for bespoke concrete lintels such as curved on plan, curved on elevation, recessed and notched units, cast-in inserts or unusual shaped or design of lintels, but also for padstones, cover slabs, concrete walling solutions, concrete supports, beams and anything else you as a self builder, contractor or civil engineer may require.  If your design requires concrete product then we can make it.

Our technical team are happy to give practical help and guidance and where required individual designs and calculations can be provided.

Scope of manufacture:

  • Weight – max 4 tonnes
  • Width – max 2 metres

We have a comprehensive range of padstones with others available on request.  Our padstone range uses 50kn/m2 grade of concrete to ensure the perfect product for your needs and all padstones come with a high finish.


L-Strip is available either galvanised or in stainless steel to suit either brickwork or stonework.  Designed to work in conjunction with our concrete range of lintels or independently in traditional or timber framed construction.


The Economy Lintel range is an ideal budget solution lintel and is designed to be fully reversible.  This lintel range will meet most domestic applications and some lighter use civil applications.  Although this range is described as economy the finish and quality is still regarded by many as superior to many other concrete products.

Features and Benefits
  • Widest range of Prestressed Lintels available from any UK manufacturer
  • Unrivalled specials service where we can manufacture any design, length or strength of lintel that you require
  • Nationwide delivery service regardless of site location
  • Quality and consistency – Excellent quality control procedures in our modern and innovative factory guarantee achievement of strengths and fire tolerances
  • Simple pricing policy – You only pay per metre so there are no extra charges for a specific length*.
    * Conditions apply to lengths over 3.6m
  • All lintels are clearly marked, removing the risk of site building in the wrong lintel
  • Free technical support and help to anywhere in the UK
  • Free scheduling service
  • Technical Hotline and Backup service