Company Contacts


National Sales:  Stephen Parry, Jeanette Palmer, Sarah Mason, Greg Thompson

Technical Dept:  William Sidaway, Travis Worwood, Manjinder Sangha

Sales Desk: Marie O’nions, Kayleigh Harris, Lisa Keeley, Tom Breen

Fencing Manager: Makhan Uppal, Jas Singh

Accounts Dept: Rebecca Reeves, Tracey Johnson, Olive Windmill, Lesley Bowen

Our History

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 13.47.56The main focus of the business being the supply of riveted iron girders to the building trade, which progressed to structural steelwork.

In 1903 the company expanded into South Africa, establishing the first steel works in the country. Wade and Dorman Long formed a joint company in 1908 with its head office in Durban. The Wade Dorman Company grew significantly. The Wade family holding in the company was sold in 1935 consolidating the core business interests within the Birmingham operations, including the supply of Dorman Long steel.

With the introduction in the early 1960s of the first steel lintel, Wade Building Services, as known today, was established. This in turn saw the introduction of other products including Catnic lintels in 2001.